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Cherry Wood Oval Dining Table and Chairs Set

The Oval Dining Table Set includes:  a table, side chairs, arm chairs and a hutch buffet.           Dimensions: Table: 60" x 42" x 30"H Side Chair: 39"H Arm Chair: 39"H Hutch Buffet: 54" x 18" x 85"H

Dining Table and Green Cushioned Chair Set

Dining table set includes: table, green cushioned side chair, arm chair and hutch/buffet.           Dimensions: Table: 42"x78"x30"H Side Chair: 21"x24"x41"H Arm Chair: 24"x24"x41"H Hutch/Buffet: 52"x17"x80"H

Dining Room Table and Chair Set

This dining table set includes the standard table, with 4, 6, or 8 chairs as well as a hutch buffet. The chairs are cushioned for back and rear support.           Dimensions: Dining Table 66"-86" x 44" x 30"H Side Chair 41"H Arm Chair 41"H...